Western European Tour, Spring/Summer 2019

Wow. This one was easily one of the most enjoyable and thrilling tours I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. We began in Spain, where we caught some time in Barcelona, Alicante, Cuerta (Spanish Morocco), and Cadiz. Then on to Italy and several of the surrounding islands, including the home of Napoleon Bonaparte. We spent a gorgeous (and reckless!) night in Bordeaux, France, then a couple days in Belgium, where the beer and waffles are absolutely top-notch! I could’ve lived off these (and the chocolate) for at least a few weeks I’m sure.

We then traded the sunshine in for some dazzling sights along the UK and Norway for the next 6 weeks. Castles, waterfalls, arctic bars, cliffs with hundreds of roaming sheep and nesting puffins…I think the pictures speak better than me just rambling on. Check ‘em out!

Timothy Boaz